Hey ghost readers….

I don’t know that last time I spoke to you. But its basically talking to a wall, since none of you, if you read this, actually respond. I would dance with joy though, if you answered it 😀

Well, to give you some content, apparitions, I will put down the basics of what I would do if Hello Friends was made a movie:

Director: Tim Burton, Matthew Vaugh, and Henry Seslick would be AMAZING

Scoring: Bruno Coulias(Coraline), Danny Elfman(Alice in Wonderland), and Howard Shore(LOTR)


Tristan: Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian)

Ethelyn: Hayley Williams(Paramore)

Yran: Thomas Dekker(Taylor from My Sister’s Keeper) But I would have wanted Heath Ledger to play him 😥

Vincent: Gerard Butler(300)

Althea: Dakota Fanning

Lupe: Julian O’Donnell

Arminta: Katherine Heigl/ Jeri Ryan

December: Helena Bonham Carter

Darius: NO IDEA

Arminta’s Husband: Marton Csokas

Stayne(Faceless Man):Danny Masterson

Crescent: Natalia Tena


Haunted: Evanescence

Bayside: They’re not Horses, They’re Unicorns

Paramore: Misguided Ghosts

 Making April: Roses and Butterflies

My Chemical Romance: Sleep

Up Against the Wall: Boyslikegirls

Nine Days: Absolutely(story of a girl)

Making April: I Wrote This Song

Beth Quist: Monsters

Making April: Wide Awake

Breaking Benjamin: Had Enough

Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane

AFI: Love Like Winter

Network Producing it: Warner Bros.

Bye Ghosties!