This especially features Fantasy and Horror!

Reoccuring things in teen lit.

1.)The girl is indifferent, although she is drop dead gorgeous and is made the freak of the school

2.)Either she is new, or the boy is new, and they are forced in some class to sit next to each other.

3.)The boy is so undeniably ‘gorgeous’ that she can’t help but fall in love with him, although they rarely share meaningful moments together.  

4.)Either he or she is an exception to the other’s powers

5.)If the guy is a vampire, ghost, or werewolf, great.

6.)Wuthering Heights MUST have something to do with it.

Makes. Me. ANGRY.

I mean, can’t authors be original? I mean now all this crap with Greek gods are coming up, but they’re getting everything wrong! I am thouroughly ANNOYED.

I can’t wait to break the system, but I will be thoroughly annoyed if anyone copies me.

Okay, rant ended.