I am writing though! I am currently solidly in the 18k right now. I want it to be a full length 50k novel, although my dream is to make it 70k and have a sequel, which may be possible, if i don’t keep forgetting the plot! heh.

Its like how I DID have a plot set out for Conspiracy’s sequels, but I’m a discovery writer, so I just couldn’t stand it! So I gave up.

So, I am saving up money to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I am probably going to spend most of that money on iTunes, food, and publishing, since I would like to do a Lulu thing with Conspiracy for the heck of it. For friends, family, fans(HAHA don’t make me laugh!) ect. ect.

I want also to do an anthology, but I don’t know any writers that would do it with me. Maybe I’ll do it with the Write It community.

But first I need to think of a subject.

Bye Ghosties!