I am sorry to say that I have not hit writers block….but…..Writers Canyon.

And……I fell. Leave it to me to fall off of the Writers Canyon.

I LOVE Hello Friends…but sometimes(or always for me) what you love, doesnt always love you back.

It has come to my attention that I still owe my few readers the rest of the story, which I will happily post, but please dont be disappointed with the ending. I will not, however, spoil the ending. I have decided that I will let it sit for…………… a few months and pick it up again. I think once I get back on the writers wagon, I will start to re-edit Conspiracy and perhaps start on a few new projects. I am currently obsessed with Drabbles. XD

I think I might ever start up a mermaid story, which, if you didnt know, is almost impossible to write, since Stephenie Meyer will probably snatch it up as her own and make it a sensation with bad grammar.

Ignore my lack of punctuation, by the way. Broken laptop. Remember that.