Well, it was maybe half a year ago now, but I had won a contest to get a Vladimir Tod tee shirt from the author after writing a heartfelt letter to her. Unfortunately, my shirt never came through. (Do you hear the violins?)


I asked her about it, and she decided to send me a new one! How generous!

And after submitting to an open comission from: http://greensprite.deviantart.com/ It should be done in a few weeks! I comissioned her also with some other characters I have been playing with for a little bit, So that will be cool.

So how are my ghost fans? How is the after life. Obviously I havent referenced the ghosts in a while, but I am getting idea overloads so I am going to post it here:

(Characters I commisioned will be posted at a later date)

An unpopular girl is bit by a vampire. She doesnt quite realize she is undead until after she cant eat her garlic pizza, her neck burns when she wears her cross necklace, and she is getting a little bit more than a sunburn. However, she does intrigue the more attractive students, as she starts too…develop. But not in the way you would expect. The only problem is that her dog hates her and her best friend Derek is giving her the cold shoulder.

PLOT TWIST!: Hes a seer and his dead mother and his ghost girlfriend have been giving him signals to back off. There will be some world jumping, a fairy councel, and perhaps it will be made a sims movie….?

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