My first novel, Conspiracy was written in late 2009. I had been working on the idea of the story for about a year. The idea of a boy from the sky and a girl from another world living under one roof in the seemingly normal city of Fort Wayne.

My first draft involved my heroine being a mermaid. I changed that to a wizardress, and finally on my final draft I decided on a normal being, considering where she originated.

But I always stuck to the idea of my hero being a star and my heroine suffering from memory lost.

And the looks never changed. Black hair, green eyes, thin, and tall for my hero.

Blonde hair, amber eyes, short, and large eyes for my heroine.

Now I’m working on getting it published. It’s probably what’s most important to me these days.

So far I’ve entered it to one agent. I trust this agency the most with their responses and if they don’t respond by May 20th I’m going to send into another agent.

Later Ghost Readers,