iHate; now available in a Kenzie Near You! Saturday, May 15 2010 

GRRRR….I hate hate hate hate Aaron. I am not even going to expand on it. I’m just gonna leave it at that!

And he’s giving me writer’s block. ARG! And I’m afraid I’ll never finish Hello Friends, which is a shame because I LOVE IT!!!

Also I may or may not be able to go out to Target to get Faber Castell pencils which I have wanted ever since I saw, this artist’s art workhttp://hellobaby.deviantart.com/

It is AMAZING!!!! She truly has a gift for drawing, so I need some pencils the same she uses.

Got to go ghosties,



New short story… Thursday, May 13 2010 

soon to be on my Ghoulandgirl blog! Its going to be a back story on…a character… *shifts eyes* that takes place about 6 years before Hello Friends.

It is coming along really well, and I was thinking of selling it to PodCastle, a short story audio fantasy magazine. Its a great site with good stories, but not all of them are exactly child friendly.

Here is a link if you want to check it out, http://podcastle.org

In other news, slow going on Hello Friends. The writing is slowing down to 500 words a day, but things have been kind of intense in my life lately, don’t ask.

So yeah, and that story will be posted when its done and replace the angel discussion. Oh and if the little, related posts thingy pops up, ignore it.

Thanks for reading, ghosties,


11,000! Wednesday, May 12 2010 

Yup, 11,000 words. Three days ago I broke the 10,000 word mark and I thought, Its all gonna be downhill from here…


Ugh, I used to be pumping out 1000 words a day, and now…Ugh I barely got out 500 words! I’m working on this morning and night, and my efforts feel fruitless…

Oh well. New Character. I’ll post a discussion about The guild of Angels I’m writing about.

Byebye Ghost Readers,


Wow its a NEW post!!! Sunday, May 9 2010 

Wow, Kenzie’s back from the dead! Go figure!

I am happy to announce that Hello Friends is almost to the 9,000 word mark. Not very good, but its only been a month.

I do have most of the plot written out, but I am still a discovery writer, so it will PROBABLY CHANGE.

And I’m sure you all remember my depressing post I made.

Yes it was a guy…IS a guy. He’s the sweetest guy in the whole world and nice and talented and funny and caring and cute.

But I don’t think he likes me like I like him. He knows I like him and things got awkward for a bit but now thats over.

ALSO (More guy stuff. If you don’t like hearing about it please stop reading) My friend made a bet that if I asked the guy out, she would be coming back to our Junior high next year.

Another problem… Okay I’m shy. And also the guy is a year older than me. He’s kind of an inspiration in my writing.

Okay thats all. No word on publishing. A little bit of editting yesterday. Nothing major.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Please don’t… Friday, May 7 2010 


Bad…bad… bad… day. I feel like crying. Nothing to do with writing. I’m trying to work on Hello Friends, but I feel like curling up in a ball and never leaving the house again.

It has nothing to do with publishing or books… I just… I’ve been…

Busy… wasting my time on someone.

Bye ghost readers,


Crossing fingers…. Tuesday, May 4 2010 

I know I said I wouldn’t submit to another agent…but I did!

GR: KENZIE! What if they both except you! Whatever will you do!?

ME: I don’t know ghost reader! Ugh my life is so hard. Next I’ll have to ride a unicorn to school instead of my bike! And my babysitting jobs will only pay $200 per hour!

GR: What were you thinking!?

ME: *shakes head* I don’t know.

But in all seriousness, one is really small, and one is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

And the huge one has represented some of my favorite books!

Hopefully this all works out.

See ya ghost readers,


La la I should be writing la la Tuesday, May 4 2010 

Yuppers, but I’m singing.


Ugh…. I need to get going on this thing. Maybe I’d be more motivated if I had comments.

Also, I was thinking about putting a clumsy knight in the story.  If you have an idea for a character, please tell me.

If its a guy, the name is Vincent. Girl= Odalyss.

I love the girl name 🙂

Publish me! Monday, May 3 2010 

Damn it!

I need publishing! I have never wanted anything from you, literature agents and publishing houses! I have read your books! Now do me the kindness of responding and being interested!

*pout* if only… 

So I hope you have gone over to my other blog, ghoulandgirl.wordpress.com to check out Hello Friends. Its going pretty well, the writing. Soon enough I’ll try getting a podcast and maybe just podcasting some blogs. I’m not sure how to get audio on here, but it should be possible I think.

I’ll try! But first I need to get some money. I’m going to work a little bit this week so I should be able to get enough money to get a cheapo one at Target or something.

So keep listening! Maybe I’ll even upload some video, because I DO have a camera.

See ya ghost readers,


Hello Friends is posted!!!! Sunday, May 2 2010 


Read chapter one! I’m still, of course, posting on this mainly for author reasons, but I wanted a seperate place to post my thoughts and another to post my story on. Hope you still read both.

I have decided I will update the Ghoul and Girl every…2 weeks? with a chapter. On Sundays, because I get most writing done on weekends.

Thanks Ghost Readers,


Exorcism Sunday, May 2 2010 

I don’t know if any of you know this but I am a pure bred yellow bellied scardy cat. (Yup my spelling sucks)

And when your sister and cousin are watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose and the only computer that has your work on it is in that room, well its hard to ignore.

I think the scariest part is, yes the devil exists.

Obviously I was shaking in my bed like an idiot until two in the morning thinking any moment the sheets will pull themselves off the bed and that I will be possessed.

But then I thought, “But God exsists too.”

Then i finally fell asleep and went to church at 8:00 in the morning :S

Anyways, progress on Hello Friends…

I have broken the 5,000 word count! Yayyyy!!!!!!!

The story is developing really well and I’m starting to hate my main character, which is excellent. Confused? Prepare to be enlightened.

I wanted so badly to kill my main characters in Conspiracy. I mean I was like, “this story is gonna suck if I don’t kill these b*tches.”

But I loved them too much!

And so now I might be able to do terrible things to my main characters in this book and not care ’cause I hated them anyways. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


I do like my love interests. I mean, I have a plethora of love interests in my stories, but in this one my favorite is forced and I think that that’s why. ❤ Love it. 🙂

I am actually getting the hang of this blogging thing. I really actually like it.

It gets me a place to spitball ideas to myself and to be able to come back to it.

Plus, this formatt is too fun not to blog in. I couldn’t blog in Word, but then again I wouldn’t be about the write novels in this.

But I promise, ghost readers, that I’ll post a chapter soon enough for you guys to read. 🙂

Thats all for now ghost readers,


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